In the heart of Emilia there is a story, ours, which tells of passion and determination. It is a story written by courageous, tireless people, who have shaped their success through commitment, organization and love of knowledge, to achieve a great dream that has become reality today.

Thanks to our highly qualified staff, to continuous experimentation and technological research; to attention to the environment and to human capital, for a hundred years we have become a national and international reference point for production quality, experience, technical assistance and customer support.

With more than 2,000,000 molds and 10,000,000 ceramic punches produced, 3 production Plant including 2 international, 100 employees, 15 proprietary patents including products, accessories and applications and more than 1 million objectives yet to be achieved, we are ready to embrace the future and to overcome even greater challenges together.

Ferrari Stampi, 100 years of progress.